Junior Resource Library

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General Information

> RWAJ 2018 Calendar
> Home Carnival Venues 2018
> Education Calendar 2018
> Junior Age Grade Guidelines 2018
> RugbyWA Juniors Audited Financials
> RugbyWA Juniors Annual Report 2016
> ARU Code of Conduct
> Rules of RugbyWA Juniors
> RugbyWA Junior By-Laws and Regulations

Competition Resources
> Referee Bonus Point & Score Card
Junior Fixtures 2018
> Curtin Field Layout 2018
> U6-U10 Team Sheet
> U11-18 Team Sheet
Age Grade Dispensation Procedure
 RWAJ Dispensation Form


> Child Protection Policy
> Working with Children’s Card Application

Team Spectator Manager Documents

> Team Spectator Manager Fact Sheet 1
> Team Spectator Manager Fact Sheet 2
> Team Spectator Manager Presentation
Team Spectator Manager Incident Process
> Team Spectator Manager Position Description
> Team Spectator Manager Incident Report
> Team Spectator Manager Toolkit

Player Welfare Issues

> ARU Medical Policy
> IRB Concussion Guidelines
> RugbyWA Juniors Concussion Palm Card
> Serious Injury Report
> How to make an injury claim
> World Rugby Heat Guidelines
> World Rugby Lightning Safety Guidelines

Laws of the Game

> IRB Laws of the Game
> Australian U19 Law Variations
> Laws Summary for U6 to U12


Citing Report
> Misconduct Report
> ARU Disciplinary Rules


Links to External Websites

> Australian Rugby Union
> Department of Sports and Recreation
Clubs Online
> WA Referees Association
> Play by the Rules
> RugbyLink