Secondary School Programs

Foxtel Touch 7’s and Deadly 7’s are programs designed by Rugby Australia to promote the sport in schools and encourage children to sign up at their local clubs.

Mostly aimed at high school students, the Foxtel Touch 7’s program provides the students with core rugby skills that they incorporate into the game of Touch 7’s. The faster and more dynamic game allows more creativity and evasiveness without the contact.







Deadly 7’s follows the same format as the Foxtel Touch 7’s program by teaching the students the core skills of our game as well as the values of rugby, but also the values of the Indigenous Australian culture. Australian elders and community members partnered with Rugby Australia to ensure all content is respectful and accurate.

Both programs can run for three to five weeks and are delivered by our highly trained development staff.

If your school is interested in our Foxtel Touch 7’s or Deadly 7’s programs, please contact our Development Officers for more information.